House Rules

Critical failure:
When rolling 1 on an attack a dex + base attack check DC15 are made, or you fall.

Out of Turn Dodge:
Any time you are about to be attacked, you can give up your next turn to gain a +4 dodge bonus to your AC. You must be able to apply your Dexterity bonus to AC against the attack (so you can’t use it when flat-footed, for instance), and you declare this before the attack roll is made. Your initiative does not change; you simply do not take an action on your next turn. You gain this
dodge bonus until the next time your initiative comes up after your “skipped” turn.

This rule gives a character the option of defending himself, providing an additional element to combat tactics. It also pro vides adventurers with addition tactical options, such as a “wolf pack” tactic: When a group attacks a single target, whoever the target retaliates against uses the out-of-turn dodge to aid his AC, while each of the others attacks the opponent on his or her turn.

Reserve Points:
In addition to the normal HP the character got reserve hit points, equal to their normal HP, it can never go above their normal HP and will when the character is doing nonnonstrenuous activity (such as resting or hiking, but not climbing, swimming, or fighting). convert damage to HP at the rate of 1 per minute.

Reserve points recover at the same rate as normal HP, but injuries are first recovered and then reserve, (you do not see if a character is low on reserve HP)

For an Example if one is at -3 and have 22 as maximum HP and got 22 reserve points he will if stabilized use 22 minutes before he have healed up to 19HP but if he have used all his reserve points and get HP back from a healing spell he will get 22 HP and 5 reserve points.

Reputation: certain action give characters reputation, reputation is then added to social checks out from what the npc or player thinks, an reputation check can be made to get some simple knowledge of the target.

Masive Damage:
The masive damage limit is dependant on two things level and con.
to determine masive damage, take con Score +3 per 2 levels. (akka a L4 figther with 15 con that get 21 or above damage from one hit need to take a fortitude save to not die from masive damgage. aslo the fortitude save is determined by the damage done (damage-level)/2 akka the level 4 figther getin 22 damage got a fortitude save of 9 to beat or end up Dying (-1 hp)

House Rules

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