Great Houses

Some within the houses got birth marks, (Dragon Marks from Eberron) those birth marks are often called “House Mark” and give some powers use this table for converting “dragon mark” names to “house mark” names

Dragon Mark Name House Mark Name Race
Detection Sceranas Half-Elf
Finding Sceranas Human Half-Orc
Handling Denerian Human
Healing Mereth Hafling
Hospitality Furendar Hafling
Making Varena Human
Passage Sarias Gnome
Scribing Kendor Half-Elf
Sentinel Baleran Dwarf
Shadow Merith Elf
Storm Keldor Half-Elf
Warding Mereth Dwarf

The Great houses do not have Large guilds at their disposal, but they some times favour curtain activities. there also are some Great Houses where it are no birth marks giving curtain people extra powers. Some of them Are

Curian – Changeling
Zareian – Shifters

Great Houses

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