City Guard Base of Operations

This Place is build up of five stone houses.

The main house (1) got three floors. and have a administration desk, in the first floor, beside the administration room the building holds sleeping places for the city guard as well as a armoury.

A side house (2) got two floors, on the first floor it is a desk, some shelf’s for storing reports, and other documents. the second floor has the living quarter for the Commander of the Guard Sir Fervian

Other side house, (3) this house have two floors, the door is a reinforced stone door. and inside its stone roof and floor, it also have stairs down and up. beside holding cells, the second floor got even more holding cells. while the basement holds rooms prepared for interrogation and torture.

Central house, (4) this house got one floor and hold living quarters for the Interegators,

side tower (5) this is five floor high and provide the guard with the ability to look out over the city scape. on the top there is a bell hanging in the roof. that when ringed can be heard in the entire city.

City Guard Base of Operations

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