Mira Merithan High Captain of the Crimson Order

She Got deep blue eyes without even a hint of white or black. her hair is black, and skin is sun browned. and some mythical tattoos cover her visible skin


” I are my gods champion, in life and death; who threaten him, i will kill. The attack aimed for him i will take, I feel i belong at his side, and there i shall stay till he chooses me worthy to truly become his champion in the afterlife. “ Mira Merithan High Captain of the Crimson Order

She is abut average height good looking and her blue eyes glow in the dark, her hair is long and she is wearing an all red garb, that have the white New Moon That Sareic’s religion uses as their symbolon the torso. her skin is also sun browned, and she wears no weapons. the tattoo seam to go around her entire body. except her face,


Her birth was by some oracles foretold, she was destined to change the world in one way or another, but how no one knew, and other said she was the manifest of a planar connection. Any way the year she was born the entire country had a great harvest, the best in mans memory. When she was born her parents suspected something was weird with her. As she had tattoos on all parts except her head. For some years they were happy. But one day she got ill, and her parents did take her to the local healer. He could not find what that was wrong with her with non magical means, when he cast the spell her tattoos glowed up and turned into blue, the spell worked better than usual, and when he was done casting it they turned back to black. He still did not know what was wrong with her, but the day after she was well again. However the following days numbers of mages had accidents, when she was close as their spells worked better than planned, and such seamed to happen further and further away from her. So the town and her parents decided to bring her to the monastery where they did not use spells and she could get education. For years she was there training before a prince around her age came to find life guards, she felt in love with him at first glance, but he was led so he did not se her at that time. Some more years went before the prince had turned into a King, Sareic he was called. She was among his chosen life guards that time. Years in service she became his Captain of the Royal Guard. And after his sea campaign she were asked to create an Order of Warriors to serve the new God. That was when the Crimson Order was created.

Mira Merithan High Captain of the Crimson Order

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