The Agening

In this world spells gather their energies from two places, the plane of magic and your own life force. even divine spell-casters do that, however the later part believe they gather the energy from some deity or even nature itself.

Arcane users mostly look upon the ageing, as a payment for what they can do, al true some look on it with anger and as if it were a curse or an desise that must be cured.

Divine users mostly as the arcane users look on it as an payment to their god for the loan of powers, and in general they are less negative abut this effect than the arcane users, but they try to use their spells as rare as possible.

Hovever due to spelcasters natural longlivity, mostly this efect is cosmetical, hvoever serten spells draw on more lifeforce than other and having an actual efect as well (Spells with xp cost will result in actual aging)

XP xost will be added as days

Spell level Aging Efect
0 No game efect)
1 1 day
2 1 Week
3 2 Weeks
4 3 Weeks
5 1 Month
6 2 Months
7 3 Months
8 4 Months
9 1 Year

(Reminder only spells with xp cost end up in resulting in real aging)

The Agening

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