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  • Knight of the Crimson Order


    Knight of the Crimson Order

    “ I am the law, the court, and the executioner. For all the heathen. ”

    The Knight’s of the Crimson Order are merciless when they meet enemies of the true …

  • The Crimson Order

    ” If the God go to the infinite layers of the abyss, I will follow, if he decides to enter Mirror Hold, I will do so with him, I will not leave his side, before I die. ” Mira Merithan High Captain of the Crimson Order

    The Crimson …

  • The Crimson Order Headquarters

    This place is located close to the Castle, and not to far away from the church, and their headquarters consist of eleven buildings, many of them are for housing the members of the order, and one two floor building for the High Commander (she have her …